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Product Name Metal stickers with customers‘ logo
Item No DZ006
Weight 0Kg

The above ODM services do not participate in the discount, please consult the sales for details!

Quote explanation:
1. If the accessories are handed over to the customer to complete the subsequent processing operations by themselves, the corresponding labor costs will be exempted, and the accessories fee must be collected at one time; For metal logo stickers and self-adhesive stickers, the accessories and labor costs are inseparable
2. If our company completes the follow-up processing service, you need to collect all the accessories and labor costs at one time, and the accessories can be left in the company for processing in batches.
3. Taking into account the problem of processing loss, the actual number of remaining parts is subject to the actual situation. Unused parts can be sent to the customer with the goods, but they cannot be used as a cost deduction
4. There is a valid time for the reserved accessories. In principle, the retention period should not exceed 6 months, that is, it will be cleared after 6 months. If the customer has further demand, it usually needs to be reorder again
5. The production time in the Quotation table is only the time of producing accessory and does not include the subsequent processing time
6. The unit price of accessories/labor cost: the price in the Quotation table divided by the corresponding quantity will be the unit price
For example: order 3000 tags, the quantity does not meet the level of 5000, but meet the level of 2000: the price of 2000 pcs is $60, then the unit price is 60/2000=$0.03/pcs,  accessories fee: 3000*0.03=$90
7. Special reminder: The tags, washing labels, woven labels, metal logo stickers, etc. in this quotation form are all quoted on the premise of the same version, and different versions of the superimposed quantity cannot be used as the corresponding quantity level
8. The accessories shown in this quotation sheet are all conventional crafts. For some special craftsmanship requirements, such as tag need to bronzing and silver, letterpress, washing label with multi-color, double-sided printing, pure white background, etc., you need to inquire separately

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